No YOU Hang Up: a podcast

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While doing the artwork for LIVESTOCK (coming soon) all alone in my chilly studio, I like to listen to podcasts to feel like I’m not cut off from humanity. Some are educational and/or journalistic, so that I can keep up with the topics of the day, but most are silly comedy podcasts where people put on funny voices for laffs. In the middle of last year, listening to a very funny comedy podcast, it dawned on me that these people are having a lot more fun than I am.

I remembered how much I’d enjoyed being interviewed by Dan Berry for his podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody, and how much we’d laughed when I interviewed him back for his 100th episode; smiled to myself to let the audience know I had an idea, then dropped him an email.

What did he think about maybe, possibly, doing a podcast together? A silly fun one? With guests? We talked it through – we know a lot of fun creative types between us, maybe we could chat with them in the most informal way possible about their, you know, creative habits? Maybe, like, pretend we’re a helpline or something?

Dan came up with the name and registered the domain, and I did the logo and set up a Twitter account, and lo: No YOU Hang Up was born!

At the time of writing, we already have eight glorious episodes online (I’m not very good at blogging) for your listening pleasure.

Now I am having way more fun, and it’s all thanks to podcasting.

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