Booktrust Residency

As my last blog post was two months ago I have to concede, grudgingly, that I am a rubbish blogger.

So let us now harken back to the time when I was good at it, when I had intelligent things to say: when I was the Booktrust Online Writer in Residence (capitalised for grandeur). Behold!


I DON’T EVEN LIKE FANTA – My very first blog post introducing myself, my fanaticisms, and my distaste for orange carbonated sugar pop. 01/06/12

HOW TO LIKE COMICS – Think you don’t like comics? Let me fix that for you. 08/06/12

TEACHING: A TERRIFYING CAREER DETOUR – All about the Arvons. 19/06/12

A POUND FOR EVERY TIME – A short comic of one of the most annoying things you can say to a writer. 25/06/12

HOW TO READ COMICS: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE – Just because kids can do it, doesn’t mean that it’s easy. See also: cartwheeling. 09/07/12

A STUDY IN ANATOMY – “I guess you could call it a life class, except that all of the  subjects in the room were dead.” 13/07/12

A TWITTER ODYSSEY – How I started using Twitter and immediately became a tweetwhore. 18/07/12

I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE, TEST THEM WELL AND WATCH THE HOPE DRAIN FROM THEIR EYES – An angry diatribe about a proposed literacy test for young schoolchildren. 30/07/12

COMICS PRESENTS: THE WORLD – Actually written for Free Word, about the delight of foreign comics. Yum. 06/08/12

BUTTERFLIES WITH MACHETES – Authors and public speaking: go together like peanut butter and speed boats. 17/08/12

EXCITING NEWS – Exciting news. 04/09/12

NO NEWS – No news. 10/9/12

ADVICE FOR ALL CREATIVES EVERYWHERE – Don’t count your chickens. (Bloody chickens.) 21/09/12

PRODUCTIVITY – The secret of my daily working routine. 27/09/12

AN EDUCATION IN AUTHORLY DUTIES – It is necessary to obey the crap-spider. 09/10/12

PARANORMAL PAGES FROM ADAMTINE – Happy Halloween! 31/10/12

REACHING THE PARTS OTHER LITERATURE CAN’T REACH – In which comics slaps prose in the cheek with its glove. 08/11/12

HOW TO WIN PIRACY – I think you’ll be surprised by my views on copyright piracy. 13/11/12

WINNING FOR VICTORY – On hearing the news of the Costa Award nominations (two of which being graphic novels). 21/11/12

THOUGHT BUBBLES – Your intrepid reporter at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. 27/11/12


AND YOUR NEW RESIDENT IS… – Introducing the next Booktrust resident, Matt Haig. 02/12/12

‘CONNECTION LOST’ – An exclusive short comic by James Smythe and I, that will probably depress you a little. 10/12/12



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