Authors for the Philippines

This is a bloody brilliant idea. Everyone wants to contribute to the emergency aid programme following the typhoon, but times are hard and Christmas is coming. Solution? Combine the two!

Authors For The Philippines is an auction site where authors, agents and publishers are contributing delights from signed copies of books to a night on the town to mentoring and critiquing, and all you have to do is bid for it. The money goes to the Red Cross’ Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. You can buy a unique present for your book-loving beloveds, or treat yourself with something special because you’ve worked hard this year, knowing that your money is going to people who are in desperate need of it.

I’m offering to draw your sweet self into my next graphic novel, Livestock. Go on, you can be a little self-indulgent for a good cause! Or I can draw someone else for you, and I can make them as beautiful or ugly or peculiar as you like. Oh, the power.

Either way, check out the index on the site because there are some pretty fabulous things on offer, and did I mention it’s for a good cause? It’s for a GOOD CAUSE.


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