Here’s where I’ll be. Come and say hello.

26/01/18 – The Art of Graphic Novels, Brighton Arts Lab, BRIGHTON. First of all I’m going to be giving a brutally honest talk about my wonderful/terrible career to date, and then I’ll be on the panel How NOT To Do Comics with Tim Pilcher and Ottilie Hainsworth. I love making comics, but I’m feeling a bit belligerent. Come and see the result of that.

12/02/18 – Laydeez Do Comics, LONDON. At my favourite comics social group/support network, talking all about myself again.

24/03/18 – Aye Write! Festival, GLASGOW. In conversation with the still-brilliant Sasha de Buyl (who is mercifully not bored of me yet) about satire, conspiracy and comics.


Here’s where I was. Good times were certainly had.

1/12/17 – Caption Festival, BRIGHTON. A mini-version of the usual festival, I’ll be on the panel ‘Misty and the Legacy of Classic Girls Comics’ along with Hannah Eaton and Jenni Scott.

28/10/17 – Scream! and Misty signing at Gosh Comics, LONDON

21/10/17 – Dundee Literary Festival, DUNDEE. In conversation with the brilliant Sasha de Buyl.

13-15/10/17 – Lakes International Comic Art Festival, KENDAL. Sunday 10:30am I’ll be on a panel called Telling the Truth with Darryl Cunningham and Fumio Obata, and I’ll be signing in the magnificent grotto Page 45 set up in the Clocktower on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

8/10/17 – Cheltenham Literature Festival, CHELTENHAM. Paula Knight, Nicola Streeten and I will be discussing ‘A Woman’s Place’, having a laugh at the horrible social expectations of women.

4/10/17 – Graphic Science, Waterstones Piccadilly, LONDON. In conversation with Darryl Cunningham about his hot new graphic novel

23-24/09/17 – Thought Bubble Festival, LEEDS. I’ll be signing on the Jonathan Cape table (ComiXology Marquee, #48) on Saturday 2:30-4:30pm and Sunday 1-3pm. Come and say hello, why don’t you? I’ll sign up some books so nice.

20/08/17 – Edinburgh International Book Festival, EDINBURGH. A discussion with Sarah Laing entitled Graphic Novels of Influential Women. (Probably a typo: they probably meant ‘by’, right?)

31/07/17 – Cartoon County, BRIGHTON. In a delightful turn of events, I’ll be discussing Livestock at The Farm. Beautiful.

8/07/17 – Touring Exhibition Meeting, Olympic Park, MUNICH

4-5/07/17 – Graphic Justice Discussions 2017, St Mary’s University, LONDON

02/07/17 – Bradford Literature Festival, BRADFORD. I’ll be on the panel Post Truth Satire in Comics & Graphic Novels along with Tom Humberstone, and I’ll be tabling at their inaugural BLF Comic Con along with Gareth Brookes. It’s a good day if you want to see me next to charming bearded comickers.

21/06/17 – International Literature Showcase, NORWICH and YOUR HOUSE. I’ll be talking with Karrie Fransman and Sasha De Buyl and it will be live-streamed from this website at precisely 9.30am using techno-magic.

16/06/17 – The Politics of Comics, ICA, LONDON. A fantastic-looking panel discussion with Grace Wilson and Emma Saville, chaired by Juha Virtanen. Come watch me flap my hands with impotent rage.

16/06/17 – ELCAF, LONDON. From 3-4pm I’ll be signing at the Jonathan Cape table, if you want a book.

10/06/17 – International Comic Expo, BRIGHTON. I’m on a panel of local talent [for local people] with Joe Decie, David Hine and Bob Molesworth chaired by Alex Fitch, but mostly I’ll be at a table signing/selling the merry heck out of my books.

03/06/17 – Wonderlands, SUNDERLAND. I’ll be giving a talk and selling some books, and if either of those things appeals to you then you should come and say hello.

27/05/17 – Satire and Protest, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, NORFOLK. Stephen Collins and I in conversation about the revolutionary potential of the graphic novel. BYO pitchfork.


26/04-23/07/17 – The Inking Woman Exhibition, Cartoon Museum, LONDON. An exhibition of work from 100 women cartoonists and comics creators from the UK. I’ve got two pages from Livestock in there, and it’s all pretty exciting. (Why is my face on the poster? I don’t know. I must owe someone a bribe.)

15/03/17 – Voices of London, London Book Fair, LONDON. With YA author Laura Dockrill and poet Kayo Chingonyi, chaired by Dai Smith. It’s in London.


26/11/16 – S.M.A.S.H., Barbican Library, LONDON, on a panel discussing genre with Jade Sarson, Hattie Earle and Simon Spurrier.

14-16/10/16 – Lakes International Comic Art Festival, KENDAL. You won’t be able to avoid me if you’re in Kendal: I’ll be refereeing the Clash of the Toon Titans: Asterix vs Tintin, taking part in a panel called When Women Lead the Way, interviewing Isabel Greenberg and doing some kind of live version of No YOU Hang Up with Dan Berry. I’m variously described in the programme as ‘ever-popular’ and a ‘provocateur’.

24/09-09/10/16 – Land Escapes Exhibition, Treviso Comic Book Festival, TREVISO. I have some work in this, alongside Brian Bolland, Kate Brown, Stephen Collins, Gemma Correll, Hunt Emerson, Gary Erskine, Tom Gauld, David Lloyd, Tula Lotay, Dave McKean, Gary Spencer Millidge, Sean Phillips, Chris Reynolds, Posy Simmonds, Carol Swain, Bryan Talbot and Andi Watson.

20/09/16 – Gosh & Broken Frontier September Drink and Draw, LONDON. Alcohol fuelled drawing with Joe Decie, Ilya and Rebecca K Jones.

11-13/07/16 – IGNCC Graphic Gothic, MANCHESTER

04/07/16 – Laydeez do Comics, Cartoon Museum, LONDON. I’ll be part of a round table discussion with Kate Evans, Rachael Ball, Jade Sarson and Oscar Zárate.

2-3/07/16 – Glasgow Comic Con, GLASGOW. Very excitingly, this will be the first live outing of the No YOU Hang Up podcast! Dan Berry and I will tabling together and making breaks for it to interview Rachael Stott, Sha Nazir, Kate Leth and Marc Ellerby. Check the programme for details, because it’s going to be beautiful.

1/07/16 – Feminism and Comics, Glasgow Women’s Library, GLASGOW. Taking part in a panel discussion about ladies doing comics and ladies in comics, alongside Clare Forrest, Fiona Gordon, Maria StoianEIlidh G Nicolson and chaired by Nyla Ahmad

18/06/16 – Dark and Stormy’s All Night Write, BRIGHTON

10-12/06/16 – Strasbulles Festival, STRASBOURG

20/04 – 24/07/16 – The Great British Graphic Novel, The Cartoon Museum, LONDON. Another big exhibition I have some work in! Good times.

10/05/16 – Sketchmeet, House of Illustration, LONDON. We meet, we sketch, we drink. Sounds like the perfect evening to me.

07/05/16 – Free Comic Book Day & 2000AD Mega Signing, Orbital Comics, LONDON. Oh, did you know I wrote a short comic for this 2000AD special for FCBD? I did. I’ll be signing alongside Dani, Peter Milligan, Henry Flint, Alec Worley and Matt Smith.

12/04/16 – Women in Comics: Is the Graphic Novel Industry Failing to Recognise Female Creators? London Book Fair, LONDON. Emma Hayley chairs a discussion with Audrey Niffenegger, Corinne Pearlman, Sophie Castille and I.

5/03/16 – Barbara Yelin, Hannah Berry and Catherine Anyango in conversation with Paul Gravett, House of Illustration, LONDON. Exactly what it says on the tin! Free admission, but booking recommended.

5/02 – 15/05/16 – Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics, House of Illustration, LONDON. I’ve got some work up in this fantastic exhibition. Look, honestly? You and I both know that female comics creators are not a rare exception to the rule, but it’s good to have all of this proof curated in one place for when Uncle Derek goes off on one about women not liking comics. Do one, Uncle Derek.


8/12/15Curious Tales, BRIGHTON. An evening of readings and performances of a ghostly persuasion from Jenn Ashworth, Emma Jane Unsworth, Ian Williams, Hannah Eaton and m’self.

7/11 – 5/12/15Underneath Exhibition, Orbital Comics, LONDON. An exhibition of prints and original art by a whole host of comics creators paying tribute to their influences and inspirations.

7-8/11/15Brighton Film & Comic Con, BRIGHTON. I’m a guest, look! Come and find me somewhere in this behemoth convention: I’ll sell you books and sign the hell out of them.

3/10/15Page 45’s 21st Birthday, NOTTINGHAM. That’s right! The famous comics emporium is coming of age and will be given the key to the door, and probably the city, and definitely your heart. I’ll be signing merrily with Simone Lia for a bit, then at 7 we’ll all go and celebrate at a massive afterparty at the Canalhouse. And YOU are invited.

23/06/15 – Brighton Illustrators Group, Marlborough Theatre, BRIGHTON. A graphic novel themed meeting with a horrible name – I’ll be talking alongside Paul Collicutt and Jimmy Pearson. Free entry!

1-20/06/15VIRTUALREALISM Exhibition, Anise Gallery, LONDON. A weird and wonderful idea, best described on their website…

28/02/15Comics Masterclass, Anise Gallery, LONDON. £25 for 3 hours – all the details here.

21-22/02/15Sunderland Comic Con, SUNDERLAND

6/02-15/03/15Sequential City Exhibition, Anise Gallery, LONDON. An exhibition of original artwork from Owen D. Pomery, Alison Sampson, Lando, John Riordan, Tim Bird & m’self.


29-30/11/14 – Salon des ouvrages sur la BD (SoBD), PARIS

26/11/14Fast Forward, LONDON: I’ll be giving a talk at Gosh Comics for City Lit

15/11/14S.M.A.S.H, Barbican Library, LONDON. A free and informal afternoon of comics discussion. The softly spoken sage of comics, Andy Oliver, has the lowdown.

25/10/14Comics workshop for Big Draw / Graphic Details, LONDON, looking at the dramatic potential of comics. Sounds good, eh? As an added bonus, it’s also FREE. Get involved!

17-19/10/14 – Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, KENDAL. I’ll be interviewing talented chap Nick Hayes on his new book Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads on the 18th, then on the 19th interviewing the ever-effervescent Joff Winterhart as he documents A Day in the Life of LICAF.

18/09/14Quick Strips, Brighton Digital Festival, BRIGHTON. A barrage of five-minute presentations on comics from some of Brighton’s brightest comic folk.

23/08/14 – Edinburgh International Book Festival, EDINBURGH. I’ll be taking part in one of two panel discussions this evening for the launch of the collaborative graphic novel IDP:2043, alongside Denise MinaPat MillsAdam Murphy and Will Morris.

16/08/14Comiket, British Library, LONDON. Once again you’ll find me over with Myriad Editions where, for some reason, I’m marked as being a ‘special guest’. (I’d have said ‘cuckoo’, but they’re a polite bunch.)

15/08/14Loncon 3 – the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, LONDON. Two panels – British Comics: Influences and Influencers (11.00am) & Best 21st Century Comics: Predicting the New Classics (1.30pm)

19/07/14 – Hoax: Psychosis Blues signing at Gosh Comics, LONDON.

17/07/14 – Comics Unmasked: Masterclass, British Library, LONDON: as part of the fantastic comics exhibition this year, I’ll be giving workshops to year 10-13 students. I’m pretty sure this is only open to schools/colleges, but worth double checking if you’re interested.

5-6/07/14 – Glasgow Comic Con, GLASGOW. ‘In Conversation With Denise Mina and Kate Charlesworth’ on Sunday afternoon, but other than that I’ll be manning a table; selling books and chit-chatting.

14/06/14 – ELCAF, LONDON (I’m not officially here, but I will be helping out at -and probably hawking from- the Myriad Editions table.)

7/06/14 – Hoax: Psychosis Blues Launch, MANCHESTER – there’ll be a signing at Travelling Man at 3pm with project wrangler extraordinaire Ravi Thornton and artists Julian HanshawRozi Hathaway and Ian Jones. Following the last night of the play Hoax: My Lonely Heart, there will be a wrap party/book launch at the Sandanista Cantina Bar where there will be more signing and some drunkenness.

24/05/14 – Graphic Brighton, University of Brighton, BRIGHTON. Basically a one day comics festival for £8/£5! I’ll be giving a workshop on character design and appearing on a panel entitled “What makes a good graphic novel?”. (Bold words, hence the question mark.)

17/05/14 – Shoulder to Shoulder: Sally Heathcote Suffragette, Cartoon Museum, LONDON. I’ll be interviewing the ever-delightful Mary TalbotBryan Talbot and Kate Charlesworth about their fantastic new book. I’m very excited about this.

8-11/05/14 – The REFRAME exhibition will be at the Thessaloniki Book Fair, THESSALONIKI. (We’ll be there in spirit.)

12/04/14 – Graphic Storytelling and New Ways of Reading, First Fictions Festival, West Dean College, SUSSEX. Panel discussion with Gareth BrookesAndy Oliver and Suzi Feay, chaired by Woodrow Phoenix

19/03-12/05/14 – The REFRAME exhibition will be at Philanthropy House, BRUSSELS, courtesy of the European Cultural Foundation. Will we be there for the opening? Yes we will!

17-28/02/14 – The REFRAME exhibition will be at Çekül Evi, ISTANBUL. We’ll be there for the launch of this one, too!

7/02/14 [until some time in the summer?] – The REFRAME exhibition will be at Riadh El Feth, ALGIERS. We’ll be there for the launch!


17/11/13 – The Future of Comics discussion, part of the Write Idea Festival Fringe, LONDON with Tom HumberstoneKieron Gillen and chair Alex Hern.

24/10 – 22/11/13 – REFRAME at the Free Word Centre, LONDON. Exhibition of comics commissioned on the theme of contemporary attitudes to Europe, featuring artists from the UK (myself, ILYA and Dan Locke), Algeria (Sofiane Belaskri, Mahmoud Benameur and Soumeya Ouarezki) and Turkey (Naz Tansel, Murat Mıhçıoğlu and Cem Özüduru). Spoiler: I’m a massive Europhile.

23/10/13 – Reframe Launch at the Free Word Centre, LONDON. There’ll be a panel discussion, which I’ll unfortunately have to miss most of as I dash over to be –

23/10/13 – In Conversation with Trina Robbins, Orbital Comics, LONDON. Moderated by Chris Thompson. Come and see the legend herself talking women and comics!

Very proud to be involved with the very first Lakes International Comic Art Festival, KENDAL:

17-22/09/13 Entreviñetas Festival, COLOMBIA.

10/09/13 The Special Relationship, LONDON – along with SJ Harris, Tom Humberstone, William Goldsmith AND Toby Litt. Will feature the premature debut appearance of my graphic-novel-in-progress, LIVESTOCK. Exciting, no? I’m excited.

05/09/13 Quick Strips, Brighton Digital Festival, BRIGHTON – I and a sterling line-up of graphic novelists (including Gareth Brookes, Darryl Cunningham, Joe Decie, Hannah Eaton, Ottilie Hainsworth, Julia Homersham, Jaime Huxtable, Chie Kutsuwada, Ben Naylor and Nye Wright) will be giving speed-of-light six minute presentations on our comickery.

I’ll be at Edinburgh International Book Festival’s Stripped, being one hotly anticipated celebration of comics spread out over 40 events:

21/08/13 I’ll be interviewing/chatting with Rutu Modan about her excellent new graphic novel THE PROPERTY for Comica Festival at Foyles, LONDON. Tickets? Get them here.

13-14/06/13 – Glasgow Comic Con, GLASGOW: selling, signing, drawing, talking on panels. You know the drill.

5-07/05/13 – Graphic Medicine Conference, BRIGHTON: running a workshop on character development (as in developing characters, not personal development)

22/06/13 – ELCAF, LONDON: I’ll be perched on the Myriad table, selling books and trinkets. Come say hello.

15/05/13 – Brighton Festival, BRIGHTON, panel discussion with Woodrow Phoenix and Nye Wright, chaired by Tim Pilcher

30/04 – 04/05/13 – Lineup Exhibition at Mall Galleries, LONDON, followed by a one-day comics/illustration fair on Sat 4th

13/04/13 – T+A+G Festival, BRUSSELS, along with Karrie Fransman

08/04/13 – Laydeez Do Comics at Foyles, BRISTOL, with the Costa-nominated graphic novelist Joff Winterhart and LOAf co-founder Rosie Faragher

30/03/13 – Dundee Comics Expo, DUNDEE

02/11/12 [until whenever the new shop opens?] – My work is currently on one of the illustrated hoardings outside Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road, LONDON.


God knows what happened before this point. This was the dark ages, before people kept diaries.