New Statesman ‘Vox Pop’ strips

I do a weekly cartoon strip for the New Statesman about humans, because they are weird and wonderful. I’ve collected them here so you’ll have something to read on your train or toilet.

10th March 2017 - Freedom of Speech3rd March 2017 - Singer24th February 2017 - Haircut17th February 2017 - Octopus10th February 2017 - Claims Ad

3rd February 2017 - Skydiver

I wrote this one during the Women’s March, the day after the inauguration of the Fanta Fascist:27th January 2017 - Chef 20th January 2017 - Peanut Butter 13th January 2017 - Zen 6th January 2017 - Scrooge 16th December 2016 - Forensic Scientist 9th December 2016 - Film Review

2nd December 2016 - Boxer25th November 2016 - Old Lady Vengeance 2

Yes sir, I can satire:18th November 2016 - Magic Toad11th November 2016 - Gaslighter4th November 2016 28th October 2016 21st October 2016 14th October 2016 7th October 2016 30th September 23rd September16th September9th September2nd September26th August19th August12th August29th JulyThe strips aren’t topical, but I think this one captures the nation’s mood right now:22nd July15th July8th July1st July24th June17th June

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