Everybody look away for a bit.

I know it would have been sensible to get the website up and running AND THEN advertise its presence online, but I wanted there to be a smooth transition from my blogging as Booktrust resident to blogging on my own website. (Just in case anyone liked what I was saying.) Unfortunately, I’ve had very little time, even less technical know-how and absolutely no patience whatsoever to get things in place, so it’s all been as smooth as Tom Waits’ voice after a heavy night out.

Rest assured I’ll be building the site piece at a time when I get a minute and when I can work out how. Probably over Christmas as I’ll have more time, and ’tis the season for blind rage. When did I become such a techno-trog? I don’t understand it, I used to be so good at programming video plus.

So, yes. Watch this space, but don’t watch it too closely just yet…

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