I have good news and I have bad news

Well the good news is that I have a new graphic novel out! Livestock is on the shelves, in people’s hands, and hopefully soon in your heart like an extremely persistent heartworm.

The bad news is that Livestock is my last graphic novel for the foreseeable future: after 12 years, I’m hanging up my graphic novelling hat. In this article for Ink Magazine I go into the nitty gritty reasons why and and spell out the wider, far more problematic implications for the UK comics scene.

The good news is that – contrary to popular misconception – I will still be doing comics! Just not the long-form ones. Keep an eye out for shorter, snappier, self-published and/or collaborative bits and pieces from me in the future.

The bad news is that you really do have heartworm. You should get that checked out.

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