Britten & Brülightly 2: Total Time-Wipe

Britten and Brülightly 2: Total Time-Wipe

A sequel by Hannah Berry

**UPDATED**  This was just an April Fool’s joke! This story is not really happening! (Please stop calling, Harvey Weinstein.) However, I am working on a new graphic novel: a socio-political satire called LIVESTOCK. It is nothing like this:

The story continues from where the first one left off: Britten awakes the next morning to hear a strange beeping whose source he cannot trace.

There is a knock at the door and a man gives him a telegram asking him to come urgently to a local museum.

Britten grabs Brülightly and goes to the museum to find a heist taking place – three men are stealing some kind of artefact. A high-octane chase scene follows, and while two men get away with the artefact Britten manages to catch the third and beat their plans out of him.

The thief reveals that they are all working for a mysterious source – ‘G’ – and that they were to take the artefact to the docks where someone would meet them.

Britten wastes no time and hot-foots it to the docks. The other two thieves are still there and after a high-octane shoot-out, Britten manages to kill them. But the artefact is not there.

A mysterious sexy lady suddenly appears, and tells him to stay out of it for his own good. There follows a passionate love scene in a nearby motel, at the end of which a sniper shoots her through the window. With her dying words, the lady tells Britten to look for ‘G’ at the Old Deserted Warehouse. She dies, and Britten falls to his knees, vowing to avenge her.

Before going to the Old Deserted Warehouse, Brülightly advises Britten that he needs to prepare himself, and so they go to a shady source they know and buy a lot of guns and some machetes.

They then storm the Old Deserted Warehouse, killing henchmen left, right and centre with guns and kung fu skills in a bloody, high-octane frenzy.

Surveying the carnage, from a high window, is ‘G’. He presses a button on a hand-held panel and Britten stops immediately, unable to move, while the sound of beeping increases in volume. G swaggers down to Britten and explains everything:

The artefact theft and the telegram were just a ruse to bring Britten to the Old Deserted Warehouse. The truth is that Britten is a cyborg sent from the future to prevent crime, and ‘G’, a master criminal from the future, had himself sent back to stop Britten. He wasn’t sure that Britten was the right person, until he saw him fight his way through the Old Deserted Warehouse with his kung fu skills and guns, but now he is sure. He turns to the panel to initiate Britten’s auto-destruct sequence, but while he has been talking, Britten has been edging closer to his last machete. Quick as a flash, Britten whips the machete towards ‘G’, where it lodges between his eyes, killing him down dead.

At that moment, the mysterious sexy lady reappears, saying that she was wearing a bullet-proof vest all along, and she and Britten walk off into the night together. But suddenly—

Britten wakes up in his bed, to find it was all a dream.


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