In the fight for the public’s attention, why let public interest get in the way?

Livestock cover

Excitement is building for this year’s Twammies and Clementine Darling is hotly tipped to win Best Female Singer and Political Spokesperson!

The government is embarrassed about the leak of a confidential email exchange, but have you heard about Clementine’s new beau Devon Ayre? Yes, human cloning appears to have been legalised, but wasn’t Devon once together with Clementine’s arch rival Coral Jerome? And does it really matter what dubious corporate connections helped get this bill into place while Clementine and Coral are locking horns in a violent feud?

“Knowing and savage, Livestock is that rare thing: a comic book that has only grown more essential in the gap between its inception and its publication.” – THE GUARDIAN / OBSERVER

“Furious and funny, angry and amused by its own anger. It’s a future vision of a time when politics and celebrity are fused even more than they are today, when political spin is even more amoral and embedded than it is now.” – HERALD SCOTLAND

“She is mad in all the right ways and draws and writes like an angel… This is comic fantasy with a knife up its sleeve.” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Hannah Berry is back with the work of her career, a blisteringly funny, fiercely inventive and scathing socio-political satire” – PAGE 45

“Uneducated, pliant, easy to control – that’s how our rulers want us. But in Hannah Berry’s dark tale of celebrity and corporate greed, the people have other ideas. A parable for the Trump era.” – PAUL MASON

“As sharp and scathing as The Thick Of It, Hannah Berry’s third graphic novel takes a savage axe to the rot at the corporatised, spin-doctored, amoral heart of British democracy. The result is stunning, gripping and terrifyingly truthful. It is also very, very funny.” – NEEL MUKHERJEE

“Engaging and timely, a rich brew of celebrity, menace, media-spin and human cloning.” – POSY SIMMONDS

“As sharp as Taylor Swift’s marketing team, Berry slices through the info-celeb news nexus. Bloody funny, incredibly astute.” – DENISE MINA

“Livestock is a dark, clever, bitter, biting and funny satire, laughing at the same time as it weeps at the way our media-saturated, high-channel, low-concentration level society is going.” – FORBIDDEN PLANET

“I have laughed reading every single page of Livestock, a painfully necessary satire on the media, politics and the celebrity-driven world we live in…sharp, intelligent, and never drops the pace.” – BOOKWITTY

“Berry assesses the health of modern society and find it deeply sick.” – THE NEW STATESMAN

“With the understated, chilling final images, this book left me alternating between being entertained and disquieted…buy this now while it can still be described as a work of fiction” – THE QUIETUS

“A savage and satirical read.” – PAT MILLS


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