IDP:2043 coverA graphic novel in collaboration with the Edinburgh International Book Festival to mark its 30th anniversary, IDP (short for ‘internally displaced person or persons’) imagines a Scotland 30 years in the future. The story follows the catastrophic effects of a small rise in sea levels on the county’s heavily populated low lying areas and how society reimagines itself in the face of a huge population shift in a world of scarce resources.

Six teams of major names in European comics and graphics novels collaborate on a single narrative. Celebrated French graphic novelist and illustrator Barroux, Costa Award short-listed Mary Talbot and artist Kate Charlesworth, ‘grandfather of British comics’ and co-creator of 2000AD Pat Mills and graphic novelist Hannah Berry, enfant terrible of Scottish letters and author of Trainspotting Irvine Welsh and graphic artist Dan McDaid, graphic novelists Adam Murphy and Will Morris, have been brought together by story editor, crime writer and graphic novelist, Denise Mina



“With each chapter handled by a separate set of artists and writers, the book dances vibrantly between completely different styles, re-inventing itself with each new segment and culminating in a poignant environmental warning told as a quick-witted, high voltage thriller. Expertly matching authors with the perfect artists to paint their words, each chapter of IDP: 2043 re-creates the sense of beginning something completely new and newly fascinating, without ever wandering too far from the story that makes it so compelling or the themes that make it so unnerving.” – The Skinny

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